Speed paint & Tutorial

Draw a sketch, it can be anything, I drew a girl for this occasion since I like drawing them the most.
Normally I choose a color that isn’t black to help define what the sketch layer would be, a good idea to use in the future if you haven’t done it yet.

When finished, set the layer Opacity to anything lower than 20%, it’ll look something like this:


This helps prepare you towards working on your Lineart.
When you’re ready, create a folder then start up a new layer on top of your sketch layer, name it eyes and attempt drawing it out with this tutorial I have provided you:

Every artist draw their eyes differently, this is a tutorial on how to draw eyes in my style.

When finished, attempt to draw in the rest of your character’s lines, here are a couple tips before you start:

  • I have every subject on different layers, like Hair on its own layer, skin on its own layer, bunny on its own layer, white clothing on its own layer.
  • It helps the artist feel a lot more organized when drawing like this, but its up to you if you want to or not, I know a lot of people who can draw all their lines on one layer, but for me I kind of have a little bit of OCD so I like to have them separate.
  • I also like to change the colors of the lineart to help make the characters article of clothing, the hair, and skin pop out in different ways instead lf flat color black, its something you could try out.



Once you are finished, you’re ready for the coloring. Start off by use the magic wand tool and select the sections you want:

  • Open a folder and start a new layer named Hair
  • Select the the inside of the hair you drew in, and fill it in with a base color of your choice.
  • Repeat the steps on every other parts of the character (Skin, clothes, etc)


Now to attempt the shading, you will need to have a source of light, we’ll try with the skin first, you would want to have a darker shade of the color you selected, apply it under the strands of hair, the neck, and under the skirt, this should be the outcome:

Repeat the following steps on the rest of the character then it should turn out somewhat like this


Once you get the gist of it, add additional detail to wherever you need to, for instance the hair I feel isn’t up to par, so I will add a darker shade in the back to help define what is behind the character more clearly:

Then to make the hair pop out to us:


  1. Set a new layer on top of the base hair layer
  2. Set this layer to Luminosity
  3. Use the airbrush tool and stroke a curve on specific parts of the hair
  4. Set the opacity to 30%


Repeat the step, but this time don’t change the opacity, and use the eraser tool to create U shapes on each strand


Here’s a step by step tutorial on how to color eyes in my way:

  1. Pick a grey and shade in the white part of the eye.
  2. Pick a darker shade of your pupil eye color, draw a circle in the middle then airbrush across/fill the top.
  3. Use the airbrush tool and use the lighter shade of the color and lightly dab it on top the center
  4. Pick out a 3rd shade (Darker) then airbrush across the top

  5. Draw in a circle in the middle
  6. Draw in dot at the center.
  7. Create a new layer on top, set it as Luminosity and use a lighter shade (maybe #FFFFF) and draw a arch on the bottom of the circle.
  8. Draw in lines across to add a sparkle effect

  9. Give it life! Draw in little ovals! :D
  10. Lastly, go to your lineart layer of the eye, airbrush it with any shade you want on the bottom half and you’re done!

Take it over to Photoshop when you’re finished and satisfied with the final piece, do the following options:

  1. Select the entire folder of your Character
  2. Duplicate it
  3. Flatten the duplicate
  4. Right Click your layer:
    Blending Options>Stroke>Size: 15Pixel
    This helps show you lines or colors you drew in accidentally or cannot see with the naked eye, so you can erase it a lot easier.
  5. Right Click your layer:
    Blending Options>Stroke>Color: #FFFFF
    Makes the stroke white
With this you should be done, but if you want to add additional touch you want to add a nice layer effect to it
  1. Right Click your layer:
    Blending Options>Outer Glow>Blending Mode(Normal)> Size: 50Pixel>Color: #yourchoice
    This makes a glowing effect behind your character, a really nice additional touch to your final piece.
  2. Right Click your layer:
    Blending Options>Gradient Overlay>Overlay>Your choice of shades
    Adds a nice effect on top of your artwork so it doesn’t look bland.

To get a better visual of how the artwork came to, you can watch the video provided.

Thanks for reading my tutorial!


Boyfriend got me a sheep *^* MEEEH!! #cute #sheep #kawaii

Boyfriend got me a sheep *^* MEEEH!! #cute #sheep #kawaii

I'm just wondering, are you busy with life right now? Because it's been awhile since you've updated your blog and I don't really get what your dA journal means? lol ... just take care please!

O, about that, my friend was over and uh, kind of wrote that journal so I’m actually okay LOL, but yeah I’m busy with life, last week of school so I got a lot of things on my plate, thanks for the concern though! <3




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Artwork by Kamaniki ~ Kamallie

Ye soul eater :U

Did you get a table at anime north this year?

Nope, didn’t even apply for one this year. ovo;